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"Sarah Puttonen"

  • I bought a car from Wentworth Subaru yesterday and it was such a chill, easy experience. I have always been wary of buying a used car from a dealership, but my salesperson Sarah Puttonen was knowledgeable and super helpful. She even volunteered to help me get my old car back to my house. I lucked out and got the exact car I wanted, a Honda coupe. And it was even RED! If you are looking for a no - pressure situation, you should visit this dealership. They have good deals and a good selection.

Martha G - Gresham 3/29/16

"Spencer Drew"

I would like to start this review by saying that if my salesman would have been Spencer Drew from the beginning, this review would have been a full 5 stars.  I traveled in to Portland from a small town in Eastern Oregon, 4 hours away, to buy a specific car.  I got a salesman who wasted my time for two hours and could have cared less to help me or not.  I went home empty handed but really wanted to buy the car, so I read some reviews about Wentworth's salespeople and reached out to Spencer.  He ended up being as good as advertised.  Polite, knowledgeable and a man of his word.  Spencer made the whole process completely painless for me.  I walked in, signed some papers and was on the road within a half hour with my new car.

Chris B - Milton-Freewater, Or March 2016

"Chuck Hanscom"

  • I had a great experience buying a car here! Chuck showed me a few different options on a Subaru Outback and, once I had chosen, he made the entire process easy and pleasant. I was really not looking forward to car shopping but Chuck was so friendly and low pressure that it became a fun experience! Thank you Chuck.

    I would absolutely recommend Wentworth as a place to get a car. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and do their best to be sure you are getting the most out of your new car.

Teddy L - 3/13/16

"Todd Stevens"

This was my first car buying experience and it was completely hassle free. Todd moved briskly through the process without being pushy or aggressive giving me and wife plenty of space and time to make the decision that was right for our family. 

I appreciated the time he took to show us the features between different version of the forester and help us pick the the model that best fit our needs and wants. 

If anyone is anxious about the car buying experience I can in good conscious recommend starting at Wentworth
Cody D - Portland, Oregon

"Sarah Puttonen & Jared Remily"

  • 3/15/2016

    Overall the experience was a 5 star experience and that says a lot for buying a car.  We pray before we do things like a large purchase and the Lord came  through by providing a kind atmosphere at Wentworth Subaru.  I really do not enjoy buying a car and crunching all the numbers, but working with Wentworth Subaru and Salesperson Sarah Puttonen was pressure free, quick and I feel very reasonable.

    First I will lay out my only two criticisms:  The tires that came on the car were more than likely the original which had maybe 10k miles left on them.  The powers that be(not Sarah) said that meets their standards.  Too me, that it low standards for the quality of car we were buying.  I have never bought a car without having new/almost new tires.  Lastly, questions I had were asnwered based on "blue book" standards; yet, the trade-in value of my car started at $500 below blue book.  BUT I told them that and the price was increased to the lowest trade-in  value.  Now on to the good...

    Car companies are a business and in business to make a profit.  As a buyer, I am looking for a deal, but I also know the company has to make money.  So I look for a place that treats my wife, my newborn and I politely AND meets us somewhere in the middle ground.  No nice, no deal no matter how good a deal the vehicle might be.  Sarah did her job without any pressure.  She told me she didn't know if she didn't know something, but found the answer.  She didnt make up the answer.  I would recommend Sarah Puttonen to anyone and thoroughly enjoyed working to her.  She was knowledgeable of the sales process and trading in our old vehicle.  She found us a private room so my wife could nurse when we were just going to sit in our car.  

    I would absolutely go back to Wentworth, but I would require Sarah to be our go-to person.  I hope a large company like Wentworth realizes the value of a salesperson like Sarah and her style.  Thank you Sarah and Wentworth Subaru.  

    Jared Remily was our business manager who finalized the paperwork.  I feel he explained everything and gave us all our options on warranty and insurance.  He was efficient and quick.  We knew what we were looking for, and from start to finish, it took 3 hours.  This was a Friday night with a crying baby so 3 hours was quick.  I could go into more detail, but I think I got my point across.  A green Outback makes for a happy wife.  Thanks again Wentworth and Sarah!

Jeff G - Columbia City

"Subaru Service"

I never thought I would write a review for a car dealership in a million years but they really are great.  It started when I bought the car and they don't put branding on the car saying its your car.  That spoke to me as i totally agree.  But what really put it over the top is I had two windshields break within 3 weeks and they did the second one totally free and got it in to replace less then 12 hours after calling. The owners son talked to me and told me to bring it in and they would take care of it.  Just great customer service that cant be beat.  Also my dogs are pretty happy with the service center giving out treats
Craig G - Wilsonville, Oregon

"Letter to Bob Wentworth"

Bob, Wentworth Subaru is possibly the best company I have ever dealt with.  Buying my car was an easy, respectful process.  Every person, from sales to service, is competent & friendly.  You have built an exemplary culture of service.  Congratulations and thank you.
Mary J, Portland, Oregon

"Kelly Smith"

We bought 2016 Subaru Forester through Costco program. Kelly Smith was our salesperson. Kelly was very helpful and professional. As soon as we arrived, he already printed out a detailed information for the car that we want. He is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. A week later, we picked up our car and drove of the dealership. We always had Honda CRV. This is our first Subaru car. We really like it and we feel we made a great choice working with Kelly at Wentworth Subaru. We would recommend Kelly and Wentworth Subaru to our friends and family.
Gerald C - Portland, Oregon

"Michael Zimmer"

Just want to thank you for working with me to get my new Outback.  It was a smooth process and I have you to thank.  You are the kind of salesperson that brings customers back again and again.  Thank you for caring about your customers.  I love my Outback.

Pat, Portland, Oregon


Awesome service to Steve Haman and Sandi the Cashier.  Extremely helpful!!

Ryle Vancouver, WA

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